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Psychotherapy Weekend Timetable Example


Arrive at Abbey anytime and enjoy the beautiful grounds – have lunch in the restaurant/café. A lift from the station can be arranged with notice.

12.30pm Arrive at Seale Hayne and settle in (have lunch in bistro if needed)
2pm Introductory session (get to know each other more and begin to explore hopes for the weekend)
4.30pm Coffee break
5.15pm Session
7pm Eat together (homemade cooking from outside caterer)
8pm Time to socialise or free time. As the group is residential members are encouraged to spend time together. We often have lots of fun!


8am  Breakfast.
9am Psychotherapy session. Exploring issues that members have. Using small group discussion-psychodrama-action techniques or other appropriate  format depending on issues raised.
10.50am Coffee break
11am Psychotherapy Session
1pm Lunch
2pm Psychotherapy Session
3.30pm Free time or walk if weather good
5pm Group Process
7pm Dinner
8pm Something that makes us laugh! Charades, games or other activity that is suggested.


8am Breakfast
9. 40am Psychotherapy Session
11am Coffee break
11.20am Psychotherapy Session
12.20pm Lunch
1.10pm Reflection session and goodbyes
3pm Finish.