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How the ‘Healthy Self’ model can improve your life

              Covid 19 update: We are still delivering these days – online if necessary.

Join us for our Educational Training Day (6 hours C.P.D*) to learn how to use the Healthy Self model, which can act as a powerful aid to help us recognise and respond from a healthier part of ourselves.  

If you are a Practitioner, Therapist, G.P., Coach, Manager or someone interested in learning about yourself, this model can help you gain insight into your own way of communicating.  It can improve your responses to everyday professional and personal situations.

The day is based on education and personal development, using a model from ‘Identity-orientated psychotrauma’ model of Franz Ruppert (2012). 

For many years, Sandra has used and adapted the model in her therapeutic work and more recently the model has been further adapted by Dee and Sandra as a tool for professional development.

Developing your Healthy Self can completely change your thinking in a relational situation within life or work. 

“Do you know how to access your inner resourcefulness when you feel frustrated, overwhelmed or stretched?”

“Do you notice when you are triggered and have strategies for defusing this?”

As human beings, our strategies are often driven from old patterns and learnt responses that are reactive and sometimes don’t involve conscious thought processes. Change needs to occur from our ‘thinking brains’.  

The day will cover an introduction and basic understanding of the model. For further in depth personal work on the use of this model we will be running a day workshop and follow up day.

Training days can be delivered ‘in house’ on request.

Workshops take place in the peaceful setting of Buckfast Abbey on the edge of Dartmoor, Devon.


For those travelling from afar: Accommodation is provided at the Abbey.

Totnes train station is only a few miles away & accessible by local taxi T: 01364 652423


Dee Wilkinson MSc (Executive Coach) and Sandra Jay (Psychotherapist) facilitate the day.
They have worked together for many years. Their combined experiences and different professional perspectives merge together to provide a unique chemistry to help facilitate change. Sandy uses her knowledge and understanding of how our past acts as a template for repeating patterns and Dee uses her experience and training for how to motivate individuals to take charge of their present and future aspirations.

They both share a passion for helping individuals empower themselves for the purpose of change. They understand the importance of neuroscience and how this knowledge can empower us. They have spent years studying the different aspects involved in the process of change and use their knowledge to simplify a complex system.

The Healthy Self model is unique and has been adapted making it more accessible to everyone and can be used in most relational situations.

People who have benefitted include: Managers, Spouses, Parents, Psychotherapists, Coaches, GPs, and Supervisors, in fact anyone who is in a relationship with others.

   *Continuing Professional Development

Professional/Personal Development Days

                                                              10% reduction if all 3 days are booked

All the days run from 9.30 – 4.30pm 

                     We hope to provide the following days  online if Covid 19 guidelines prevents us from meeting.

CPD/Educational Training Day: September 4th 2020. Fee: £127

  • This educational day will introduce the use of The Healthy Self model.
  • The day will teach the different components of the model and how they relate to each other and effect our responses and behaviours.
  • The day will enhance knowledge on how we can best manage relationships in our work/home life.
  • Provides 6 hours C.P.D. Certificate for Therapists, Coaches, GPs, Managers, and other professionals.

1 day Personal Development Workshop as a follow on from the introduction day (for those that wish): September 5th 2020. Fee: £127 

  • Explore the model in more depth and learn which areas need strengthening.
  • Understand your trigger areas and patterns that keep you stuck and prevent growth.
  • Help you identify goals for change and how these apply to the model.
  • Discussion on follow opportunities to sustain change.
  • Provides 6 C.P.D. hours for professionals.

Follow up day: (only for those who have attended the previous 2 day workshops): November 20th 2020. Fee: £127

  • For workshop attendees to reflect on your use of the model.
  • An opportunity to hear how others have experienced the model, to aid your own application of it.
  • A time to discuss how to sustain changes and address any areas of concern.
  • Provides 6 C.P.D. hours for professionals.

Individual Support: Skype /face to face sessions may be available with Dee or Sandy subject to availability. Fees will be individually discussed with chosen facilitator.

10% reduction if all 3 days are booked
Places are subject to availability.

For more information or a booking form please fill in the enquiry form on the contact page.

Sandra Jay is a Registered Psychotherapist and Clinical Supervisor with the United Kingdom Council of Psychotherapy (U.K.C.P). She is Director of Psychotherapy Services Devon and offers training, psychotherapy and supervision to individuals, couples and groups. She has had the privilege of training staff in West Africa who work with children who have been neglected and traumatised by trafficking as well as working for many years within the N.H.S. as a Psychological Therapist.
Sandy’s Facebook page: @therapydevon


Dee Wilkinson MSc is an experienced qualified Coach and Coach Supervisor. She is registered with the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (E.M.C.C.) as an EQA Senior Practitioner. She is the owner and Director of South West Coaching Ltd and alongside coaching offers facilitation, training and coach supervision. Dee specialises in emotional management and coaching GP’s. She has worked for many years in Leadership & Management development and has a long background working within and for the N.H.S.
Dee’s website